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Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Other Electronics Recycling

Used Memory

Used Computer Memory including used RAM, SRAM, DDR, SDRAM, Flash memory, ROM

Electronic Brazing and Fluxing Residues

Surplus Silicon Crystal

Surplus Silicon Crystal shall consist of new, un-used crystallized silicon and may include integrated circuit medium or solar power cell medium.

Silicon Wafer Scrap

Scrap Silicon Wafer may consist of Polysilicon, Polysilicon Chips, Poly Rods, Granular Poly, Silicon Powder, Solar Ingots, Semiconductor Ingots, Reclaim Wafers, Broken Wafers, Pseudo Square Wafers, Half-Moon Wafers, Slugs (Disks), Broken Disks, Pot Scrap, Top and Tail, Cells, Broken Cells

Electronics Recycling

Other Electronics Recycling

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