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Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Used Computers & Electronics

Used Desktop Systems

Used Desktop Systems includes all used/reusable personal computer in tower and desktop configurations.

Used Laptop Systems

Used Laptop Systems includes all used/reusable personal computer in laptop or with integrated LCD configurations.

Used Tablets and PDA/Handheld Systems

Used Tablets, PDA/Handheld Systems includes all used/reusable handheld computers. This grade shall not include laptop computers.

Used Commercial Computer Systems

Used Commercial Computer Systems include all used/reusable mainframe and commercial computing equipment.

Used Networking Hardware

Used Networking Hardware, Switches, Routers and Servers

Used Computer Parts

Used Computer Parts may consist of any used/reusable computer parts or components.

Used Computer Memory

Used Computer Memory including RAM, SRAM, DDR, SDRAM, Flash memory, ROM

Used Printers

Used Printers include all used/reusable computer printers

Used Printer Parts

Used Printer Parts may include any used/reusable printer parts.

Used Monitors

Used Monitors may include any used/reusable computer monitor. (this excludes scrap/damaged or broken monitors)

Used LCD Flat Screens

Used LCD Flat Screen Monitors

Used Keyboards

Used Keyboards may include any used/reusable keyboards.

Used Disk Drives

Used Disk Drives shall be in undamaged reusable condition.

Used Computer Software

Used Computer Software is subject to resale regulations.

Used Computer Manuals

Used Computer Manuals includes any OEM manuals or help books for computer hardware or software.

Used Computer Furniture

Used Computer Furniture includes any used computer furniture including decks, printer stands, etc.

Used Computers and Electronics

Other Used Computer Items may include any other used/reusable computer related items not listed in the preceding used computer grades.

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